We are committed to leadership in ink performance. Ink safety and consumer protection are our key priorities. This is not only reflected in our portfolio of safe printing inks, but also with regard to numerous principles that we have willingly committed ourselves to. Examples include EuPIA’s Exclusion Policy and the GMP guideline, the latter which is particularly important in terms of direct food contact. At Siegwerk, we even move a step further by implementing both guidelines within all regions in the world.

Furthermore, we have voluntarily committed ourselves to the Council of Europe’s Resolution AP (89) 1 on the use of colorants in plastic materials coming into contact with food. Accordingly, all pigments that we use in our formulations for nutrition, pharma and hygiene (NP&H) applications conform to this guideline.

Our responsibility towards safe printing inks is also shown in our handling of NIAS, for example. For this comparably young field of research, we have established standardized risk assessment processes that are already work routine at Siegwerk. Besides that, self-commitment for us always means offering proactive information transparency. This is mirrored in our Transparency Label, which we are rolling out on a global level, and the detailed Statements of Composition (SoC) that we provide.


Commitments related to the manufacture and supply of food packaging inks
Customer information (PDF, 166 KB)
Commission Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006 on GMP
Statement (PDF, 550 KB)