Printing inks and coatings for food packaging

Read our customer guidance to learn more about Safety Evaluation for ink migrants in food packaging. Get also a deep insight into the mechanisms of migration and detailed explanation about categories of food packaging and their migration risk.

Additional scopes are the legal requirements and responsibilities in different countries and how Siegwerk claims to supply the safest inks in the world which meet far more than legal requirements.

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Legal requirements and responsibilities

The non-food surface of food packaging is mainly printed for product presentation and to provide information to the final consumer like food ingredients and nutrition facts. Get an insight of the worldwide packaging regulations for printing inks and coatings on food packaging.

Safety evaluation for migrants

Only those substances must be used in the manufacture of food packaging which are evaluated and approved on authority level (positive list principle). But there are also non-listed substances (NLS) and non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) which need to be evaluated in order to provide a safe product.

Siegwerk’s Claim – to supply the safest inks in the world

Siegwerk is commited to ink safety. All raw materials used by Siegwerk in the formulation of printing inks and coatings must pass a stringently defined process prior to being purchased or used in formulations.

Get the Know-How

Our brochure “Know-How: Printing inks and coatings for food packaging” will give you in-depth information on Safety Evaluation for Migrants in food packaging.

Know-How: Printing inks and coatings for food packaging
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