At Siegwerk, we base compliance on three pillars: legal compliance, self-commitments at association level, and compliance with brand owner requirements. Besides legal requirements, we are committed to full compliance with self-commitments at association level, e.g. EuPIA. While these guidelines have a Europe-wide applicability, Siegwerk goes a step further by applying them on a global level. Finally, there are also specific brand owner’s guidelines for printed packaging that we are following.

Our understanding of compliance also includes being active in various associations on national as well as international level. Here, we bring in our broad expertise to jointly foster progress in inks for packaging applications. Across all areas that we are operating in, ink safety is our guiding principle. This is indispensable because not only food packaging can lead to an exposure of the consumer to chemicals used in the ink. There are several other sensitive areas that show potential for an uptake of such chemicals, for example pharma, hygiene or tobacco products.

At Siegwerk, we require all of our inks to be safe – whatever the application may be.

Compliance at Siegwerk

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Compliance at Siegwerk

Video statement of Dr. Jörg-Peter Langhammer

Learn more about how we understand compliance at Siegwerk by watching the video statement of Dr. Jörg-Peter Langhammer, Vice President at Siegwerk.

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Global regulatory Know-How

At Siegwerk, we know the global regulatory requirements. More specifically, our expertise includes information about the status quo but also about projected changes in legislation. This is important since it helps us to adapt quickly – everywhere and at any time.

Furthermore, our know-how is based on an extensive external as well as internal network. Externally, our network consists of authorities and associations with which we collaborate closely. Our internal network, on the other hand, consists of our global product safety team. Due to our decentralized structure, we cover all regions with our local experts.

You can see in the map below that due to our decentralized structure we have local experts available all over the world with whom you can connect with.


EU Plastics Regulation No 10/2011
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Regulations in India
Customer information (PDF, 180 KB)
Regulations in Mercosur
Customer information (PDF, 275 KB)
Regulations in USA and Canada
Customer information (PDF, 70 KB)
Know-How: Printing inks for food packaging
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