Transparency label

As one of the leading manufacturers of printing inks for packaging applications worldwide, we are used to work hard on the Product Safety & Regulatory (PSR) profile of our product range. With the launch of our new Transparency Label, we are globally demonstrating our responsibility regarding product safety and regulatory issues. Above all, the label stands for a commitment to uncompromising transparency and shared responsibility by Siegwerk enabling risk and compliance assessments along the packaging chain.

This is based on the commitment of producing safe inks according to GMP from thoroughly evaluated raw materials. Offering proactive transparency, we also further commit ourselves to provide all necessary information and documents to our customer and business partners to print a safe and compliant product.

Continuously improving the product safety profile

Qualified raw materials, careful formulation and manufacture, Statements of Composition, compliance information and customer support – click on the video on the right-hand side in order to learn more about the principles of our Transparency Label.

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Global commitment to product safety
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