Optical illusions

The color of an ink is based on pigment and grinding processes and plays a crucial part when it comes to brand & product communication. Brand owners make use of this for different purposes, for example: To create brand awareness and identification; to provide important content messages, for example about ingredients, date of expiry or preparation; to display imagery or graphics, e.g. about the content and taste.

This is only possible because the ink acts as a carrier of information. And this only works due to a huge variety of colors. Imagine packaging without colors – it is easy to imagine that consumers wouldn’t find it too appealing.

There are several challenges when it comes to the production of high quality inks. On the one hand, various technical requirements need to be considered and met, for instance the printability (on different substrates), the processability, the printing speed or the desired drying time but also the required color effects must function properly. A second major important challenge is the safety aspect. Inks (and coatings) must be safe for its application in order to protect consumers.

The ink safety portal provides insights into the safety but also technical aspects of the ink. In this chapter, we will approach the ink topic from a different perspective.

We will focus on the color aspect of inks and introduce you to some fascinating insights how colors work and how they can influence your perception.

  • Optical Illusions

    Our first excursion is about color-based optical illusions and generally shows the effectiveness of colors and how they can influence our perception in various ways. Make yourself comfortable and start the tour.

Siegwerk also offers ink days to its customers to learn more about the different aspects of the ink and our Brand Owner Management.