Spot Check Testing

Siegwerk has established a stringently defined process for raw material qualification. The annually accomplished spot check testing complements this safety process, our motto being “better safe than sorry”. But there is a reason to control the quality of pigments, even from the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers. Some pigments can have inevitable impurities, which depend on color, material and the production process. This might influence the level of certain impurities, for example for heavy metals, primary aromatic amine (PAA), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and dioxin. In this regard in depth examinations on a regular basis play a crucial role in our efforts to produce the safest possible inks in the different markets.

Siegwerk Commitment

According to Siegwerk commitment (including EuPIA guidelines), pigments for NPH need to be compliant corresponding to the Council of Europe Resolution AP(89)1 which applies to the use of colorants in plastic materials and articles coming into contact with food.. The Resolution defines purity requirements for pigments including concentration limits for extractable heavy metals, primary aromatic amines (PAA) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB). Our raw material requirements (approval form limits) for some of these and additional parameters are even stricter than EU limits.

Spot Check Testing Process

Our Spot Check Testing is a complex process involving many different experts. Click and learn more how we at Siegwerk ensure the quality of the raw materials used for our inks.

Spot Check Testing Process