Food Safety Alliance for Packaging

FSAP is the Food Safety Alliance for Packaging, a technical committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

As a group of global leading food companies and companies from the food packaging supply chain the FSAP share their knowledge to raise the quality of the food as well as the relevant safety awareness. The brand owners’ working group has published a publicly available document (see link below) as a roadmap for product stewardship considerations. Input has also been provided by Siegwerk, please find further information to this document in our corresponding ePaper.

Siegwerk & FSAP

Read our ePaper and learn how Siegwerk globally provides FSAP compliant inks in a timely manner and meet the requirements of unwanted substances.

FSAP compliant inks by Siegwerk
Globally delivered in a timely manner


The FSAP list was created by a food brand owners’ working group in order to provide a guideline to suppliers of food packaging and to harmonize many different lists of chemicals of concern and quality considerations. It is a non-binding list, nevertheless it can be seen as a roadmap for awareness on quality issues and minimizing or eliminating chemicals of concern from food packaging.

With regard to printing inks, the following two aspects are important:

Unwanted substances

Taken from the FSAP product stewardship best practices list, Siegwerk is able to globally deliver inks without this unwanted substances for food packaging applications:


Regulations and brand owner requirements

Furthermore, Siegwerk inks follow the requested applicable regulations and brand owner requirements:


Beyond these requirements Siegwerk committed voluntarily to apply the EuPIA Exclusion Policy on a worldwide basis and the non-use of other certain substances. Learn more about these additional excluded substances in Siegwerk inks in the corresponding Ink Safety Portal chapter.

Institute of Packaging Professionals – FSAP

For further information about FSAP please visit the website of the Institute of Packaging Professionals and get the most recent document about Food Packaging Product Stewardship Considerations.