The preferred partner for safe inks

Siegwerk is committed to ink safety. Our efforts to supply the safest inks in the world go far beyond legal requirements. This is mirrored in our compliance work that is based on three pillars: legal compliance, self-commitments at association level, e.g. EuPIA, and compliance with brand owner requirements. Furthermore, our global raw material introduction process ensures that each raw material to be used for our printing inks passes a stringently defined process prior to being purchased or used in formulations.

Packaging inks represent the largest part of our ink portfolio. Here, we are operating in areas such as food, pharma, cosmetics and hygiene – highly sensitive sectors in which the packaging can lead to an exposure of the consumer to ingredients used in the ink. Irrespective of the fact that inks for food packaging are the biggest group at Siegwerk, we require all of our inks for pharma, hygiene and cosmetics to be as safe as our food packaging inks. For us this means minimizing the potential migration of ink components of concern into food, while meeting the high end-use requirements.

As your preferred partner for safe inks, we support you wherever we can and provide all relevant information to our customers. Our Ink Safety Portal and our Transparency Label are just a few of many examples of how we share and spread our knowledge along the packaging chain.