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Besides our full-range portfolio of printing inks for best packaging solutions, we are offering comprehensive services with ink safety as our guiding principle – worldwide and with a direct face to our customers. At Siegwerk, we classify our services into technical support, consultancy as well as training. Our technical support ranges from ink development and performance optimization over short-term troubleshooting to packaging development support. On the other hand, we are offering on-site consultancy as well as in-depth regulatory and ink safety support. The launch of Siegwerk's Ink Safety Portal is a further big step in these efforts, offering added value to our customers. Finally, our training consists of press room workshops and specific product safety trainings.

Due to our decentralized structure, we cover all regions with our local experts. This puts us in the convenient situation to provide short communication channels and fast support to our customers. Our worldwide presence also means having neither linguistic barriers nor constraints in terms of time difference. It also helps us to speak the language of our customers. Lastly and very importantly, our close collaboration with brand owners builds and spreads a product safety awareness. Learn more about our services and how we can support you in mastering your specific complexity!

  • Technical support, consulting and training

    Siegwerk guides you to safe and efficient performance. We offer you technical support, consulting and training with ink safety as our guiding principle. Learn more by clicking through our slideshow!

  • Ink development & performance optimization
    • Formulate inks to increase process efficiency
    • Optimize ink portfolio for application range and specific market needs
    • Engineer formulations at interface of substrates, inks and adhesives
  • Short-term trouble-shooting
    • Immediate help when printing or post-press issues arise
    • Identify root causes by involvement of global experts in application technology and analytics
    • Resolve current problem and develop new solutions for the future
  • Packaging development support
    • Analyze your packaging requirements and correlation to equipment and ink technology set-up
    • Evaluate alternative solutions with different structures
    • Support realization together with pre-press, printing form, substrate & adhesive suppliers
  • On-Site consulting
    • Analyze pre-press, ink management, print set-up and finishing processes
    • Perform audits and benchmarking to identify improvement areas
    • Support implementation of improvements on site
    • Motivate and train staff
  • Product safety & regulatory support
    • Provide information on regulations & brand owner requirements
    • Give practical guidance how to produce safe and compliant packaging solutions
    • Help with questions and offer trainings on product safety topics
  • Press room workshops & trainings
    • Run workshops with your employees on press & shop floor
    • Jointly analyze and improve workflows in ink room, pre-press, job set-up and finishing
    • Motivate and train staff to implement sustainable changes
  • Product safety trainings
    • Explain how Siegwerk enables you to produce safe products (e.g. raw material approval, formulation guidelines)
    • Train packaging converters & brand owners in locally relevant regulations
    • Increase your knowledge about migration mechanisms and chemistry
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