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Naturally consumers demand and require safe products and they put their trust in brand owners to deliver. Thus, it is a key obligation for brand owners to fulfill these expectations by providing safe products to the market, first of all to protect consumer health and second to maintain and further extend the trust that is given to brand owners by their customers.

Siegwerk is a reliable partner for the packaging industry and committed to maximum product safety. We foster the direct exchange with brand owners to understand the product requirements in order to provide safe customized inks.

Importance of direct exchange between ink manufacturer and brand owner

In this slideshow, we introduce the importance of a direct exchange between brand owner and ink manufacturer and provide a best practice showcase to outline why the direct collaboration between the brand owner and ink manufacturer is essential to achieve a maximum level of safety for packaging solutions regarding inks and coatings.

  • Best practice at Siegwerk

    At Siegwerk the direct exchange between brand owner and ink manufacturer is a common practice. Information first hand ensures that customized inks are delivered to the converter according to the specific requirements. This significantly minimizes the risk of failure and promotes product safety.

  • Consumer protection

    The protection of consumers is THE key priority for brand owners and its suppliers. Therefore it is essential to establish the best possible process to fulfill this obligation and avoid any consumer damage.

  • Consumer trust

    In the case of failure, the brand owner can lose its long-standing reputation within seconds, even if there is no harm given to the consumers based on scientific facts. The “perceived safety” in the public will always be the determining factor.

  • Benefits of direct exchange

    Learn more why the direct exchange between brand owner and ink manufacturer benefits the entire process for safe packaging solutions.

    Advantages of direct exchange
    Why ink manufacturers and brand owners need a strong dialog.

    The direct exchange between the ink manufacturer and brand owners is an important factor to strengthen the protection of consumers and brand owners alike. This is also beneficial for the converter as he can rely on the expertise of the ink manufacturer and focus more on his own field of expertise.

    Improved support of converter

    During discussions, the ink manufacturer learns more about the brand owner’s requirements which, in some cases, can be subject to very specific guidelines. This also supports the converter to provide a product that meets the brand owner’s specific requirements. The development of customized inks is improved as the process supports a stronger focus on the ink topic.

    Faster reaction time

    In the case of changing requirements, the direct exchange allows more time for preparation and implementation and/or a faster adaption of the ink in regards to the new requirements.

    Compliance of packaging supply chain

    Siegwerk communicates regulatory updates and/or the implementation of proposed legislations to its partners and thus helps to ensure the compliance for the entire packaging supply chain in regard to inks and coatings.

    Sensitive Applications

    Especially for sensitive packaging applications a direct contact between ink manufacturer and brand owner is essential, for example for a reliable risk assessment or via migration testing.

    Digital Printing

    Brand Owners are starting to use more and more their own digital printing infrastructure mainly for variable packaging solutions. Pre-manufactured master packaging from the converter are then completed at the brand owner’s location e.g. to print descriptive text, claims or other copy text in local language for the target market.

  • Best Practice Process

    The following infographic compares a best practice example that incorporates a direct exchange between brand owner, ink manufacturer and converter.

  • close
    Best Practice Process
    The following infographic compares a best practice example that incorporates a direct exchange between brand owner, ink manufacturer and converter.
  • Transparency

    A direct and open communication that incorporates all aspects of safety is generally supportive and increases the transparency. An open discussion that considers all aspects of packaging safety can help to prevent misunderstandings and lead to a more objective communication.

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