Toxicological know-how

At Siegwerk, we are committed to leadership in ink safety and have accumulated vast toxicological know-how over the years. We possess an in-house toxicology that enables short communication channels and, ultimately, fast support to our worldwide customer base. Our broad toxicological know-how is beneficial in multiple ways. This expertise helps us to guide our customers on important topics such as regulatory developments already at an early stage. Furthermore, it allows us to participate in scientific dialogues not only at association level, but also with authority representatives.

Apart from that, as an experienced toxicologist we can also provide support with regard to risk assessments. This includes for example expert judgements, the evaluation of reliability of toxicological data, the applicability of different data sources, e.g. QSAR (Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship) and the use of TTC concept (Threshold of Toxicological Concern).

Video statement of Dr. Evert Delbanco

Learn more about our toxicological know-how and our comprehensive range of services by watching the video statement of Dr. Evert Delbanco, Director Food Safety & Toxicology at Siegwerk.

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