Raw material qualification

Raw material qualification at Siegwerk is incorporated within a worldwide introduction process that is steered by our global PSR (Product Safety and Regulations) and Sustainability team. Accordingly, each raw material to be used for our printing inks is run through a stringently defined process prior to being purchased or used in formulations. The raw material suppliers must first be qualified. In a further step, detailed questionnaires on the specific requirements of particular raw materials have to be answered.

As a prerequisite, they have to verify that the raw materials are neither toxic, reprotoxic, mutagenic nor carcinogenic. Furthermore, they have to provide evidence about fulfillment of strict purity criteria with regard to e.g. heavy metals in pigments. Each raw material needs to pass this raw material qualification process successfully before it is given a unique Siegwerk code. Only after this the raw material may be used for the formulation of our products.


Raw material qualification
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