Printing inks for NPH packaging applications

At Siegwerk, we care about ink safety and treat this topic with utmost priority. We focus on obtaining as much raw material data as possible from our suppliers and evaluate this in detail. Our printing inks for NPH (Nutrition, Pharma and Hygiene) as well as for Pet Food packaging applications are optimized towards low migration, thus minimizing potential migration of concern from the packaging to the filling good. Furthermore, all packaging inks are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice.

Based on the information of our suppliers, our global Food Safety & Toxicology team performs in-depth risk assessments – analyses that go far beyond regulatory requirements. This process leads to a set of comprehensive and reliable data, which is the cornerstone for decision making in order to develop safe printing inks for food packaging. Learn more about the legislation on printing inks, our raw material selection as well as latest trends within the industry by reading our white paper.


Food packaging inks
White paper (PDF, 587 KB)